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Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
I was just checking Telus' web site to see if the 8330 was still current (and it is).
I wonder - pure speculation - if you got a refurbished or used BB. Normal hand moisture does NOT cause water damage.
That's a good question. I got this phone for free, on a 2 year contract with Telus. So it's quite possible they are just liquidating some stock, and getting lots of customers on the plan.

Hand moisture shouldn't cause it, agreed. And like I said, my phone has gone nowhere except on my computer desk, to my pocket, to my hand. It also has protective skin on the back because I was warned that if I place it down on some water (like where a cold beer was sweating), the water could seep into the phone. So I bought 3 skins.

The guy at the store told me I literally spilled something on the front of it. The tech support told me I had to run it under water for the whole thing to malfunction. And lastly, the tech support I just got off the phone with had suggested that liquid damage could cause my problems, then mentioned things like using it in the rain, dropping it in a puddle, spilling coffee on it etc. Nothing about hand sweat, moist hands, or even some stray drops of liquid that hit the phone.

I tried doing a fresh install of the OS, but the Telus techs are not trained enough to get the phone to completely reset. So he said to take it back to the store () and he'd make a note on my account that they should just replace it. The people at the store though, will just tell me they'll do nothing about it.

I know one thing is for sure...

If I spilled water or juice, coffee, pop (since I work in food) etc. on the front of the phone, there'd be some pretty obvious signs of that stuff. You wouldn't have to go digging under the track ball to look for a fingernail tipped size piece of paper that's tucked under the screen, that's semi pink. And if you opened the actual phone, it'd be covered in that stuff, along with some soil and corrosion of the circuit board.

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