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Originally Posted by Motorcycle Mama View Post
The tech support guys are wrong. It does not take that amount of water to cause damage. Many, many people have reported keyboard damage after having the device in a sweaty pocket (for instance while out dancing) or from having the device in a high humidity environment such as while working in a restaurant washing dishes without the device actually being exposed to what the use might view as "water exposure".

You've already said that the moisture indicator under the trackball is pink which is evidence of the device being used with either wet hands or in proximity to water.
This is my problem with what you said (not a problem with you). I was told 1 thing to protect when I bought the phone, the back, and to buy skins to prevent that. I did. I was told nothing, not even a mention, about humidity, or "moisture". Even at that, I kept the thing protected because I'm not new to electronics. It's never been used in proximity to sinks of any kind.

I've never heard of a device completely malfunctioning in somebodies pocket while they worked. That is the point of a mobile phone yes? They need to be taken with you, and are expected to stay working in a reasonable environment. If it was THAT sensitive to humidity (which by the way, my workplace is pretty dry, as humidity can breed mould, and it's never been taken out in the kitchen), then these things are not mobile phones at all. They aren't even consumer friendly, and there should be clear warnings given to you as a consumer, not to get the phone within proximity of water because it could break and void your warrenty.

Nonethless, it doesn't explain why the first day the thing froze on me twice, then the sound stopped working altogether (days before I took it to work). Then it started not responding and "lagged" when I pushed buttons, which caused it to input all the buttons I pushed while trying to fix it, at once into a random text message. Which has now led to a non responsive brick phone :(

This is why I maintain that my phone had some problems, before I got it. It's quite possible that thing has a defect, but it drives me nuts because there's no way of proving it. Like I said before, if I actually spilled something on it, I've got no point in lying, especially here. It is what it is. I'm so adament about this because nothing outside of the ordinary or what's considered unreasonable happened to my phone.
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