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Default Cingular customers beware (read #3)

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I’ve been a bb user since my Nextel 7250, coming from a palm environment and being an outlook user, the blackberry switch has proved to be my best technical life improvement decision better than my prior discovery of brushing twice daily that not only proved to be a physically sound thing to do but has also improved my chances of getting a second chance social encounter from time to time. xxx61514;

Today I’m a not so proud owner of an 8700c and a very dismayed Cingular customer/indirect dealer; reason being:

1.) Proprietary internet messaging soft wares do not work very well (if not at all) with Cingular. Upon bringing this up with customer care for Blackberry for Cingular, they gave given me numerous trouble tickets but to no avail.
2.) Though I love the EDGE capability, MMS sending is still unavailable but is still being advertised by Cingular as a feature the 8700c can accommodate in the RIM or Blackberry website. Please do not believe these Atlanta hill-billies if they say “they will work on it.” I am also an indirect dealer with Cingular and they rarely keep their promise of fixing minor technical glitches should it prove to be a not so major economic venture.
3.) ONE VERY IMPORTANT pet peeve I have with Cingular is that everytime I call in to customer service and have them lookup my account, I find myself placing a second call to have them release my account from the e-mail service being blocked. It seems that every time I call in and someone on the other line looks up my web client account, the service gets blocked.
4.) And lastly, the allotment of Cingular storage space on its web client is only 25 MB and one has to pay an additional 5 dollars a month for an extra 75 MB more. Sadly these people charge because “they can”, and I think that’s the whole SBC-ATT mission statement.

Well I think half my post has been tackled already in the forums, thanks for reading my rantings anyway and please reply about any comments you may have or any answers you can give me regarding the account lock up.
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