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Originally Posted by dwlace01
ok last thing i will say about this but i am 100% sure that my phone only has 3 levels. I can push the power button until the cows come home and in any combination possible and i will only have three, bright and brightest.

Then maybe your 8700 is defective. Did you try the test I suggested? It works exactly as I said on mine. I agree that pressing the button only gives three levels. It maybe the three levels there is also related to the ambient light.

Never mind with the defective unit. It is defanitely related to the ambient level. Just did another test. The button gives, starting from a lit screen, I'll call it current level, the next level, pressing the button again gives the blank screen. Pressing a third times returns to what I called the current level.

Now the big point, if the "current" level is the dimmed level, the "next" level is the normal or bright level. If the "current" level is the normal level, the "next" Level is extra bright.

Hope this makes sense, but there are 4 decernable levels, but the button alone only runs thru 3.

Hope this helps.