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Wirelessly posted (L'neuf trois)

Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
Wirelessly posted
I'm not sure why you saw edge. Maybe someone will respond. I've not had the experience of a blackberry that is not on a blackberry data plan.
Actually seeing lowercase edge is normal for someone who does not have a data plan. If the signal is really bad, it may drop down to gprs.

Originally Posted by S0ltice View Post
So just to confirm, using the browser with a lowercase uma is normal? Should I set to "Wi-Fi Only" to be safe?

Yes, lowercase uma is also completely because you do not have a BlackBerry data plan at the moment.

The uma just allows you to make/receive phone calls using a wifi connection. This is very handy in areas where your cell signal is poor/weak, but you have wifi access. It does not affect your wifi whatsoever, nor is it an additional feature you have to pay for. Think of uma as an additional feature/perk of wifi.

If you feel that you have no use for it, simply change the connection preference to mobile only or mobile preferred. With these settings, you can still turn on and use your wifi but you should not see your icon change to uma. You will only see wifi + edge.

uma is not affected by APN either. Since you don't have a data plan, the only place where it might come into play is when you see the Tmobile browser (tzones/web2go or whatever they are calling it now). This is where you can check your account details like minutes used.

I understand you're concerned but I don't think you need to overly worry. When I first got my BB, I did not have a data plan either and used wifi very frequently. Never charged. Also when I first got my device I had the APN set to I think it was default for me.

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