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Originally Posted by OhHimAgain View Post
I gave the Motorola Android a fair chance, but when I switched to a Blackberry my stress level went from a 10 to a 2.

If you are under 30, or don't use your mobile device for business purposes, this post does NOT apply to you. (No offense to the under 30 crowd. It's just that you grew up with a lot more technology devices and learning new ways of doing things are easier on you.)

If you need to send and receive phone calls, send/receive text, send and receive email, manage your appointment calendar and otherwise continue doing your job, this post might help you.
I'm a 40's Droid user that uses it my phone for business every single day of the week. Calls, email, calendaring and all that other good stuff. I was a Gmail and Google Apps Premier user before I bought the Droid so maybe things were easier for me going in, but we don't seem like we are very different at all.

1 & 2. I've never read a review or article about an Android phone that didn't touch on the fact that you need a Gmail account for an Android device as desktop syncing isn't available out of the box. I don't know if you missed this or didn't research it, but this is a well known fact to anyone that has investigated getting one of these devices.

3. Don't use the hard case at all any more but the one that I got at Best Buy (not VZW mondel) worked without issue. I just got tired of removing it to put the phone in the window mount and multi media dock.

4. Butt dialing on a Droid is really hard to do as it is a two step process. You not only have to hit an entry in the call log, you have to hit that one spot on screen that says "call". Your fingers or your butt must be HUGE.

I would like for there to be a setting to allow me to select the screen that I get dumped to when ending a call.

5. Navigation has been flawless for me. I find the female voice to be hilarious sometimes, but I have dumped my Tom Tom because of the quality of Nav on the Droid.

6. You DO NOT need an app killer. Android is Linux and Linux does a very good job managing memory and background tasks. There are some poorly written apps, but rarely do they have an impact on the operation of the phone.

Aside from that, your BB manages memory like Congress manages the budget. At least you CAN do something on an Android device other than pulling the battery if the need ever actually arises.

7. I got used to Touch typing on my iPod Touch and the Droid was a natural progression for me. I find that the auto correct keeps me from having to go back and make corrections. My custom dictionary contains names, street names, odd city names and most of the other words that I type frequently.

8. True dat. There is an app for that. It is both free and ad free, but it is not convenient to use just to be able to search contacts by company. By last name works for me every time. Not sure what issue you were having.

9. I don't want to hit a button the front of the phone to start an app or open the dialer. Talk about ease of butt dialing.

10. Don't use POP email any more.

Bottom line is, you didn't like it and you are back to a BB. That's good for you. There is a learning curve with every device and Android is no different.
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