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Originally Posted by dwlace01
So, after reading an article on about the Treo 700w that has been out for a couple of weeks, I was left wondering how the 8700 will compare in the future and what Cingular is planning.

I know that people have speculated and John even asked some questions a little over a month ago to Cingular but I was wondering if someone has heard anything new lately, or has an informed hypothesis of what is to come especially since Cingular is now releasing their new phones that are taking advantage of the faster networks and 3g.


Instant Messenging?


Modem Use?


I know all of these topics have been talked about all throughout the forum but I was aiming to consolidate and get some sort of updated info on them. BUT if a mod wants to delete it then by all means go for it!!

These are weird questions. What do you mean compare in the future and what does the Palm 700 (which is a step backwards for Treo 650's but a step forwrd for Windows Mobile Phones) have to do with your question?

Cingular definelty will do PTT with EDGE and whatever else they do in the future. They have also announced UMTS and HSPDA but who knows when the networks will be worthwhile (which is when they have reasonable coverage - not just major market coverage).

They are stupid for not doing IP Modem with EDGE already with the 8700g.

8700g is a big step forward from previous BlackBerry's. RIM will be there with whatever network/carrier that is out there. They have delivered up to this point - what makes anyone think they can't continue to do so.