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I got a Storm 2 when I switched to Verizon. Kept it 3 weeks and swapped for a Droid. Now, after just over 3 months with the Droid, I am currently waiting to receive a Tour I bought off of ebay so I can get rid of the Droid.

Droid has an amazing screen and is great for browsing. Other than that, I much prefer the BB and since browsing is only a nice to have feature vs. the reason I have a SmartPhone, I'm going back.

If there were the ability to sync Contacts and Calendar directly between phone and Outlook and have everything show up on Droid the way it is in Outlook, I might have kept it. But no. Using a third Party Software (Companionlink) I was finally able to sync my contacts between Outlook and Gmail. Problem is, when they sync between Gmail and Droid, Droid arbitrarliy decides to merge some of the contacts together. I don't have a choice to keep them separate and what they are merging does not make sense to me and I don't want it. Since having my complete Contacts list (combined personal and work) on my phone is one of the major reasons I have a smart phone. The other reason is my calendar -- I don't even know what is going on with my calendar. The sync between Outlook and Gmail results in all recurring events (such as birthdays and holidays) loosing days. Can't figure it out (not a time zone problem because I've checked that) and am not going to live with it.

For email, since my primary personal email is Yahoo Mail Plus, to be honest, it works okay on the Droid. But I just prefer the way BB handles it. It could be because I've been used to it for so long.

The other thing I really don't like about the Droid is lack of built in Password protection. I don't feel like the "pattern" is anywhere near as secure and it makes me very uneasy. With the BB, I feel confident that, if I lose it or it gets stolen, it will wipe when whoever finds it tries the password too many times.

For what it's worth, if the choice were between Droid and Storm 2, it would be hard to decide. I really did not like the Storm 2 and never could get used to using the keypad on it. I switched to the Droid mainly because of the keyboard but ended up never using it as I had no problem typing on the Droid keypad.
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