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Originally Posted by beermeupscottie View Post
Like the OP I have been invited courtesy of our UK carrier/RIM. I would also be staying in the Bonnet Creek hotel. As I do not deal with the BES or technical side at all, a whole week away from the office is a bit tough, & I may need to take part of the time offf work as holiday. But it does seem like a good opportunity for networking with other businesses that will be in attendance from the UK and elsewhere.

As a Blackberry user (with an enjoyment of gadgets generally) is this worth giving up holiday time to go to? The flight and hotel is paid for and I am quite gregarious so I kind of think why not, and that I will have a good time as well as potentially meeting some decent people. Just seems a long way to go for 4 days of seminars I may not enjoy and 4 nights in a hotel room on my own (worse case scenario!). Also how "out of the way" is Bonnett Creek from everything else, any clues?

Cheers for any thoughts.
While it's primarily a BlackBerry Love Fest, there are lots of software vendors and carriers with a variety of service offerings. With a name like "beermeupscottie" and an abundance of free beer almost every night, you will have no issues with your social networking. And if you get bored, you will only be a few miles away from Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. If you've never been, be sure to take some time to visit.
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