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Default moisture sensitive

I found out the hard way that BB's (or at least mine, BBCurve8330) is pretty sensitive to moisture, twice. The first time was about a month after I first got it, I had it in my back pocket while I was long boarding and then dancing for a bit. I know that may sound silly but this was my first bb.. I was used to Sony Erikson that I could jam in whatever pocket or bra cup I wished, drop it on the ground and kick it across lanes of traffic, all with no ill effect. After the show I took my phone out and it was off. I noticed a minuscule amount of moisture but didn't think anything of it, pressed power and it wouldn't turn on, I chalked it up to my battery dying (it was low) and tried charging.. nothing.. sent it in (fortunately Telus allowed it) thinking it was just faulty cuz it was new. It didn't occur to me the issue was moisture related until I made the mistake of dancing with it in my bra (i was waiting on a call and forgot it was there)... at the end of the night I took it out and noticed it was wet, fumbled due to it's sweaty slickness and pressed the power button. I tried the rice trick for 3 days with no luck and brought it back in again (thank goodness they switched again). I now have a belt holster that regardless of if I'm wearing it or not, my phone is in it. Which has worked for months, until today when I had it sitting on the floor where I set it to look up a number I was about to enter in it, and my bff knocked a glass of water getting some on my poor little device. Now I'm a bit paranoid.. i took the battery out and turned it face down right away, put it in rice with a little space heater on it hoping that it will be good to go in a few hours (business meetings and such that desperately require my bb's functionality) .. anyways, wish me luck.. I could use some good rather than bad.. lol
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