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The webOS is awesome.... I don't think it would work on a BB without some serious reworking though.... I don't really want to get into the whole *cloud* issue again, but that would be a concern if it were to make it onto the BB...

I would LOVE to see a BB with this menu and card system... I also would love to see a BB with a physical KB and a touch screen (candy bar style)...

Palm, like Motorola is on it's last leg... It looks like the Fred (Droid) has at least prolonged Motorola's death... The webOS might prolong Palm's as well....

Palm started going down hill with the 650... I had a 600 and LOVED it... When the 650 was released I jumped on it because the 600 was so rock solid... The 650 was pure JUNK....

Then Palm made the biggest mistake I think they could have made, and that was going to the win mobile OS...

The Pixi Plus is a sweet little device... There are many things I like about it and really only one that I don't and thats the stupid screen lock system... I can understand the top button to unlock the screen, but have NO idea why I need the top button and swipe..... One or the other would be fine...

My .02


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