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Originally Posted by Danny_Larouche
I have a unit that "apparently" is registred on BES (its status is now "running"). How can i verify if the email still relayed by desktop application or really managed by BES?
You can look at User Stats on the users in the BES mgmnt console to see if mail is flowing. The fact it says "running" also tells you that.

Originally Posted by Danny_Larouche
Email deleted on the handheld are not deleted on Outlook... i doubt that there is something suspicious. I can't see any "network mode" or properties on the handheld that confirm it now belong to BES instead of the desktop app.
Wireless reconcile must be turned on. On the device, go to messages and options and then Email Reconciliation. You can customize your settings their. Point 2, here, you can go to Options on the device and then security. at the bottom of the window that opens, you will Services and Desktop with some number in brackets. The numbers should coincide with your SRP key. This also lets you know the device is on the BES.

Originally Posted by Danny_Larouche
My second question is about another unit. This one already have an email assigned by BB themselves. The user would like to keep this email working after the unit it linked to the BES. Is it possible, or BES activation will wipe this settings ?
Wireless activation shouldn't wipe those settings but if it does, all they have to do is get back on thier BIS site and resend the service books after they get connected to your BES.

You have a lot of different issues in this thread and most have been answered before in this forum. You might get immediate answers if you search a little first next time.