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Originally Posted by TXLady View Post
I got a Storm 2 when I switched to Verizon. Kept it 3 weeks and swapped for a Droid. Now, after just over 3 months with the Droid, I am currently waiting to receive a Tour I bought off of ebay so I can get rid of the Droid.
For what it's worth, if the choice were between Droid and Storm 2, it would be hard to decide. I really did not like the Storm 2 and never could get used to using the keypad on it. I switched to the Droid mainly because of the keyboard but ended up never using it as I had no problem typing on the Droid keypad.
As everything else it all comes down to personal opinion and I respect yours, but I love typing on the Storm 2... it took some time to get used to but after (lets say) a week, I was convinced it its better than even iphone typing experience and many small physical keyboards (curves).... you get SureType, Tap Tap and full Qwerty, as well as an improved tactical feedback... and I would say that if you only try it inside a Verizon store you will not like it (i know you had it for 3 weeks) but at the end I love it.... and after the OS upgrade the typing was improved (more glow and key indicator, just like the iphone).

Multimedia is really important to me and I think BBs in general are really good in this area, I do not envy any iPhone much less Android phone in this subject.
Web browsing stinks, but Opera 5 official release makes it a bit better...

Battery life could be better but having a car charger and usb at the office works pretty well... (using it for music all day long I have to charge it almost twice a day)

And apps as everyone knows goes iPhone>Android and then the rest... but for the Storm 2 there are some useful and well done apps, as well as nice games.. (Need for Speed, Road Mania, PBA Bowling 2, Aces Traffic... are my FAV)
And now that Verizon just added Skype, its just gotten sweeter...

I understand this phone is not for everyone... but I would definitely pick my Storm 2 over any existing iPhone and Droid yet....
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