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Default Final guide on how to upgrade to OS 5.0 on Windows 7 without any Internet Service!!

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If I posted this thread in a non correct section, please excuse me.

  1. First of all do a complete backup of all your contacts, messages, and stuff using your actual version of Desktop Manager.[/b] After that, you are ready to start the OS 5.0 upgrade! ;)
  2. Uninstall ANY RIM software, like old OS instalation AND Desktop Manager! You have to end up with your Windows 7 with NOTHING of RIM stuff installed AND NONE of dead foldes in C:\Program Files\Common Files\. (I used Your Unin-staller! 2010 in Super-Mode to uninstal first last 5.0 OS, then my old 4.6 OS, and last my old 5.0.0 DM)
  3. After ALL the uninstalling, restart Windows 7 and then INSTALL the OS 5.0 you would like to upload to your BB. DO NOT INSTALL Desktop Manage OR ANY OTHER OS OR RIM SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!
  4. After the OS is correctly installed, navigate to the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader folder and DELETE the file Vendor.xml, and then EMPTY THE RECYCLE BIN!!
  5. Plug your BB to the computer with an USB cable, and then TURN OFF THE BB!
  6. ONLY when the device is correctly turned OFF (device light is flashing because in battery charging mode), REMOVE the battery and REMOVE the SIM card.
  7. NOW YOU HAVE TO BE QUICK!!! Insert the battery back in and WHILE THE LIGHT OF YOUR BB IS RED TURNED ON run the Loader.exe file that is located in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader folder!!!
  8. In the Loader app you will see your device found with an UNKNOWN PIN: hit NEXT and go for the software scanning!!
  9. After that, the Loader app should show you and let you choose ANY of the OS 5.0 modules available in your version.
  10. Choose the one you like (I installed everything without just a few languages, BBMessenger, TTY support and Password) and go ahead to finish installation!! ;)
  11. After the installation is ended, your BB will boot up for the first time after about 30 minutes (or more!), so DON'T WORRY IF YOU DON'T SEE THE PROGRESS BAR MOVING!! Just forget about you BB for a while and go to eat a panini!
  12. Now DOWNLOAD the latest Desktop Manager available from RIM and use it to restore all your personal data, but REMEMBER that OS 5.0 is different from old OS 4.6 or 4.7, so is better ONLY to RESTORE your PERSONAL DATA like contacts, messages, dictionaries and custom words. It is better NOT to restore all those system settings that could be non-compatible with the new OS 5.0.

I hope this could help someone like me that does not have Internet Service but would like to have the latest OS 5.0 on his BB that officially needs to have an Internet Service on the SIM.


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