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Originally Posted by dualsub2006 View Post
That's a joke, right? If not, I would question if you even know what multimedia means. I'm a Moto Droid owner but the iTunes/iPhone combo absolutely blows EVERYTHING else out of the water. You can't manage, explore, consume or download on a mobile media store on -->A N Y<-- Blackberry or Android device like you can on an iPhone.

A VERY large reason why I dumped my Blackberry was it's total and complete failure as a media player. As week as multimedia support is on the Droid it is still a massive step up from the BB.

Blackberry and Android both suffer from the exact same multimedia flaw and that is neither offers the desktop integration, media management or convenient store to buy, rent and download music, movies or TV shows from. Aside from that, neither platform offers anything that even closely resembles the iPod app on the iPhone.

The ONLY people that could POSSIBLY prefer the Blackberry over an iPhone as a media player would be those among us that haven't ever seen the iPhone/iPod Touch. As much as I love my Droid and all that it does for me I keep my 64GB iPod Touch (and now 64GB iPad) for multimedia. Seen them all, and nobody can touch Apple.
Actually I never liked the ipod/itunes combo.

I have always love my old school drag and drop and if I ever need sync it will be a second option.
I'm not into buying content of itunes either and there are options.

By multimedia I mean that all features related to media (pictures, music, video and let's say connectivity) the blackberry does it great.

The music player in the storm 2 is awesome, simple, the search by holding a touch on any artist or genre is amazing and the sound quality leave little room for improvement. Also I use my storm an average of 8 hours a day for music over my Altec Lansing stereo Bluetooth headphones with full av remote control, something iphones lack to this day

The 3.2 MP camera is better than the 5 MP on the droid (I compare) and the led is brigther. And is also better than picture quality on iphone. As for video recording is not so great but is not that far back either.

The photo viewer kinda sucks compare to iphone's or android options but it gets the job done.

Video playback is tricky cause if you throw any format (supposedly able to play) it will likely play but with some hiccups anyway I have a desktop converter that allows me to play videos on my storm with no prob at all. Great quality and size. (its called Videora for those interested).

I never had any issues with wifi or bt on my storm 2.

So I am not joking. Multimedia in my storm 2 is great and I have nothing to envy to any iphone or droid.

I have played a lot with ipod touch. There are 3 at my house and I stand behind my opinion. Maybe this does not apply for all blackberries but the Storm 2 is great for this.

Btw try sharing files over bt with an iphone.
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