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Originally Posted by dc/dc View Post
Everything. The 8703e was a North American device that operated on CDMA 1xEVDO 850/1900 only. Being that you are not from NA, I'm 99% certain you've never used one, and thus wouldn't know whether or not it worked in Japan.
It's almost ridiculous the things you read in here at times. How on earth you know where i'm from and what i've touched? I'm just stationed in the UK.

That said, while the device does partially work (voice and SMS only, no data), it's a very old device and not even close to being the best choice for roaming in Japan.
Nobody claimed it to be the best choice. Read the posts again.

As we've already established, 3GSM devices such as the 9000, 95XX, 96XX, and 9700 are the best choices, and from my experiences in Osaka and Tokyo, both NTT DoCoMo or SoftBank are about the same in service quality.
Thats your personal experience. glad you shared it with the rest of us. Appreciated. MY experience is that a corporate 8707H supplied directly by JCR and activated directly by the NTT rep in the middle on shinjuku on the 12th floor had zero to 1 bars reception. And things didn't change much when i tried again on another visit with a Bold. So, glad it worked for you, didn't work for the rest of us. docomo's VOICE coverage is exceptional, not data. If docomo works better for you so be it. Camp with docomo next time you're in Nippon, no biggie.

As for the 8703 not working in Japan docomo actually LAUNCHED the Blackberry service in Japan with the 8703. And since i'm away from home to post the pixorz of the docomo girlies this link would do for now:

NTT DoCoMo launching BIS in Japan | BlackBerry Cool

ps: Please stop being a prick. I do like you and i get messages from mods not to reply to your posts. Work with me on this, please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

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