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Originally Posted by dualsub2006 View Post
Can't, don't have one. Don't know if my Droid does it or not. Wouldn't care if it doesn't. I'm thrilled to be away from the dinosaur that is the BB OS. Besides, who needs BT file transfer when you have email?

Drag and drop? Why would I do that when there is auto sync in iTunes? I have smart playlists that automatically load music to my iPod and iPad. Hell, I can even auto sync with my Droid. It's called Double Twist and I bet it even works with your Storm.

I get that you don't like the iPhone/iTunes combo. However, I find it laughable that someone would claim any BB is a better multimedia experience than iPhone OS. No machine "made for email" even comes close. I've tried your Storm 2 and it isn't even in the race.

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First of all I never claimed that the Storm has better multimedia capabilities than the iPhone/iPod Touch. I only stated my opinion that is that the Storms's multimedia features are great....

I comes down to a personal taste and while the Droid and iPhones both have many advantages over the Storm 2 (note that Im not speaking for all BBs out there) I find the Storm to be a better experience when it comes to browsing my music and making playlist AND SMART PLAYLIST too and such ON THE DEVICE ITSELF... I do not like iTunes and I dont use any other Sync software for my multimedia because I am a very picky organized person who keeps everything under many folders and sub-folders in music, photo and video department. The iPhone would not serve me for this purpose cause it does not give me the freedom to manage my pictures this way.
And I understand most people will be happy with iTunes/iPod but I still have my old drag and drop habit... its a habit that I am happy to be with... I control what goes and what does not into and out of my phone/media-player...

You are right, nobody cares about BT transfers nowadays... emailing is better... guess which device does that one better?

I will point out one more time, that it all comes to personal opinion, and the dinosaur BB OS is actually the one that I find more productive and easy to surf (after you get use to it of course)....

(Also note that iPhone OS is the oldest of the 3 phones we are discussing)...
I agree that Android OS is the best looking and probably more powerfull in terms of performance, customization and looks... but I still like my BB 5.0 OS and I dont need the "cool" factor over my "function"...

I love being able to do anything within the dropdown menus, and keeping apps in folders or main screen if I want to...

Android widgets are cool, but Themes kinda make up for it (I already have 2 free themes with animated wallpapers like the ones in Android 2.1 which Im guessing you dont have just yet)... and I can still customize how many icons I can have in my home screen as well as clock shortcut, profiles and connections... so I dont really see the point...

So bottomline, you love your Droid and I respect that, actually I agree with many of your opinions, but I also love the way my Storm 2 works and if I find the multimedia experience to be great in my phone, who are you to tell me Im wrong?

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