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Originally Posted by xxteargodxx View Post
I have until tomorrow to decide

I know I'll most likely get a lot of fanboyism seeing as I am posting this on a BlackBerry related site but if you can just try and put that aside and let me know which phone you think I should get.

Here's the deal, My mother is buying a new phone and from what I understand the people at T-Mobile told her if she buys a smartphone she can get another one free. So if all that works out I'll be getting a G1 or possibly her old BlackBerry Curve 8520.

I don't know much about both phones I've only played around with the BlackBerry Curve a few times and it seems okay not too bad though I must admit I do like touch screens after owning an ipod touch, and an env touch.

If someone could go into a bit of detail on the following below that'd be great, though if anyone doesn't want to take the time out to help a newb I'd understand why. Thanks for anybody's input.

What I'm looking for in a phone:

Web Browsing
E-Mail (I use GMail)
Light Gaming (Something small quick to pass the time while I travel on a bus or train nothing major)
Apps (Preferrably free user friendly apps)
Battery Life
just since you are more centered around media, web, etc i would go g1, but each is his own, and i would try both devices, goto the store and try both.

blackberry is more people centered around communications, the web browser is horrible it gets the job done just not as nice as a webkit browser, email on a blackberry is amazing push saves so much batter life. as for gaming, cant comment i have an itouch and even that was bleh took me back to the early 90's of games in 2010... so, as for batter life, my 9700 with almost heavy usage can go over 1 day i love it!

but both devices actually suit different needs, the g1 is a nice device, more web centered and more around google services, as for apps, cant speak for them its probably like an iphone in that department.

i would still see if you could go play with both for a while in a store, see if you like the platform.

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