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My BlackBerry history:

7230 Revolutionary for me to discover the world of BlackBerrys after years of Treo use.
7730 Bigger screen, better backlight.
7105t Still an all-time favorite. Love the form factor, and the screen blew me away.
8100 Much improved SureType, and very pocketable.
8300 QWERTY makes all the difference. Unlocked Rogers model used on T-Mobile. We had to jump through hoops to get it to work on TMO because they were last to provide service books. But once it was sorted, wow! I had a couple of other 83xx models, all on AT&T. They never released the rumored "papa bear model" that had WiFi, GPS, and Camera, which was the device that would have been the ultimate BB at the time.
9000 Won it from BlackBerryForums and Horizon Wireless, leading me to drop T-Mobile for AT&T. Two words: Boo Yah. Finally I had all the papa bear features in one slick package. Overall a bit large, but a small price to pay for having it all.
8330m I jumped to Sprint to get the Palm Pre, but after 2 weeks I came running back to BlackBerry with my hair on fire and a bad taste in my mouth from BB withdrawal. Dumped the Pre but kept Sprint.
9630 Paid full retail to upgrade from the 8830m, which was working perfectly. I just missed the Bold-style keyboard and was making too many typing mistakes.

So what's next for me? Probably the 9650 (on Sprint) for the added WiFi and the trackpad. I suppose at some point I should get a Verizon BlackBerry. I've had all the U.S. Tier One carriers, but I never had Verizon while using BlackBerrys.

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