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Originally Posted by dr 997 View Post
I'll try to make this short. So I just signed up for gmail and added it to my BB Tour email application. I checked the "sync contacts" option on the setup (actually, it was prechecked, and I didn't uncheck it). After the first sync, I noticed that all my contacts disappeared on the BB, but they existed on the gmail account. Someone else on this forum said to make some random insignificant change on Gmail and it will resync back.

That worked, but the "restored" contact data on the BB was all screwed up: first name in the last name field, all address fields squeezed into the first line, the pictures all disappeared, duplicate entries, etc. Fortunately, I had the original data on Outlook on my laptop, so I synced my BB with Outlook, with the "computer to BB one way" configuration, thinking all the messed up contact data would be restored by the correct Outlook data.

Well, Desktop Manager didn't seem to notice that the BB contact data was screwed up and ignored it during the sync (i.e. nothing synced). So I tried changing one contact on Outlook (something insignificant, like changing Street to St.) to see if the change was recognized. I synced again, and this time, the correct data replaced the screwed up data, (even the stuff that I didn't change... weird) but the city, state, and zip fields on the BB remained blank. I synced again, but now once again, Desktop Manager seemed to think that it was just fine and didn't recognize any differences between Outlook and the BB.

So... I know that was confusing, but summary, I have an Outlook Contacts list that is correct, and a BB Contacts list that is screwed up, but Desktop Manager can't detect the differences between the two, unless I make some small random change, then all of a sudden, it sees ALL the differences. The problem with manually making changes on all my contacts is that 1) I have over 1200 contacts, and 2) the City/State/Zip disappear when I try this technique. I tried to do the standard sync (two way), but then the Desktop Manager now does notice the differences and wants to change the correct Outlook data with the screwed up BB data!!

So now, I can't sync my BB to Outlook at all, even if I add new contacts on the BB, or else all the old correct entries will get changed to the screwed up version as a result. Again, if I try to sync the Outlook data back to the BB, then the differences are ignored. But a BB to Outlook sync does recognize the differences!! I'm assuming that Desktop Manager thinks that the BB changes were the latest and wants to apply the last changes to Outlook, but not the other way around.

Does anyone know how I can deal with this? I think my only choice is to go ahead with the two way sync and then manually correct all 1200 entries back on Outlook! I've tried all sorts of configuration changes, conflict resolution settings, etc, and nothing works. I just need to be able to do a one way sync from Outlook to BB without making manual changes to all 1200 entries.

I'm not sure who I hate more: BB or Google.

I would appreciate any reply to this, even if it's just words of sympathy.


Google seems to make same problems all over again

well you can try this

1.Check if your contact list on Google mail is ok
2. If its not, then fix Google mail contacts
3 After that delete your address book from device
4.Connect device to computer
5.Open BlackBerry desktop Manager
6. Go to back up and restore> make back up
7. Then click on advanced and clear address book all
8. Now go on your device and open email settings.
9. Delete Gmail account
10. Pool the battery out from device
11. Wait for 15-30 sec and put battery back
12. Device will power up
13. Go back to email settings and add you Gmail account again
14. Turn wireless sync on
15. Gmail will sync contacts list back to the device

Be aware that sometimes Gmail wireless sync can be up to 4 hours

After contact are copied from Gmail to device
turn off wireless synchronization

If you want to sync again with outlook

do this

1. Delete contact from Microsoft Outlook
2 Open DM and Sync one way from device to Outlook
If sync is not successful
You will have to delete intellisync folder and then reconfigure synchronization.
On DM click on options>data folder options
In new windows copy folder destination under curent folder and paste it in windows explorer address bar
will opne folder and then delete intellysinc folder
Go back to DM and click on synchronize
on left side click on synchronization under configure
on right side click on reset configuration \
will be prompt that this will change sync data for PIN XXXXXXX
click after then on synchronization above
Configure intellisync for synchronization
Be sure to make a back up of device with correct address book
Try to sync with outlook

Let me know if this worked for you
Someone who likes to help

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