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Looks like people want to know how this version works. Well, here's my take on it. I installed it this afternoon, was surprised how much extra memory was left after install. I still seem to have an issue with the Yahoo email icons, they just plain don't show up, and haven't since .509. Sending service books doesn't fix it. Owell. Some things work better now that didn't work before, Bing's application now works. Mobile Banking has been working now since they updated to the 4.1.3 version. Everything else seems to be working - so far. Haven't stress tested it yet. It makes calls, it gets on the internet, it connects to Wi-Fi ok. The one thing I'm not sure about is after letting it sit on the desk doing nothing for most of the day, it went from 30 mb of memory down to 14 mb. What it's been doing is updating the weather once an hour, syncing with Funambol once every 15 minutes, other than that it has just sat idle for about 12 hours. I think I made one 2 minute call. I'm not sure if the updates and syncing is what is causing the memory to leak, or if it's the OS in general. In any case, I don't think I should have to reboot once a day to free up memory. Otherwise, it's not a bad build that I can tell.

Is this a good enough assessment of this build? Any other questions?

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