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Originally Posted by ArgonNJ
Originally Posted by wabbit View Post
he is in a way right.....

look at htc, samsung, nokia, etc all the other phone mfg that make a touch screen none have a huge impact if they had an apple logo then maybe but minus that even with better stats then an iphone they are not selling.

while maybe the apple cult must have the next gen of apple products, most people i know who went apple left apple, for a qwerty phone, also the form factor of the iphone even the touch screen htc's its too big, its clunky and something you have to watch out for a larger screen bigger phone makes it easier to break.
Huh?? Not selling, weird. They are selling plenty with more on the way. You must be drinking the same thing as Mike.

And by the way, HTC, which makes lots of touch screen phones is doing quite well.
wow. Htc was for the longest the only android phone mfg it was a touch screen and what they sold 600k for the fist year of the g1. Oh right tmobile. Ever owned a htc. Solid outside build touchflow is such a piece of s*** its not even everywhere. Hd2 looks great on paper go play with it. Its still junk with better hardware then the iphone you pray too that can't last a work day with out hitting up a charger 2-3 times during 8 hrs

HTC is what in that pile of other phones in smart phone marker. Yeh they are real big. Lol.

Nokia #1 market share
RIM #2
Apple #3
Other samsung htc and motocrap and lg yeh they dominate a fad over touch screens. Lol

On a side note I have yet known anybody with in a year time still own the original iphone they purchased.
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