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I've been in and out of RIM stock since before it got to $100 on the way up. The first earnings conference call I listened to was the worst conference call I've ever heard. Only one of the CEO's was on (didn't know they had 2 until later) and he did a terrible job in the Q&A. Couldn't put a coherent answer together so others on the call (CFO and someone else I think) would jump in.

That was when I figured it was a company run by engineers, so decided to ride the stock while I could, but get out if it turned south. Luckily got out into the $110's and $120's, but was stupid enough to try to get back in at points, and have given some profit back.

I've been impressed by the recent advertising campaign, but I doubt that came from the top. I'm pretty sure someone lower is driving the marketing.

So while I'll put down money on the phones, I'm less willing to invest in the company. Things like these comments from the CEO make me wonder if they'll make the right choices at some decision points. They sell nearly 6 times as many phones now as 2007 (37 million vs. 6.5 million units), but the stock has done poorly. The market doesn't seem to think their growth rate will continue to be so high. It's actually a relatively cheap stock, but if the CEO is belittling touch screens it takes a lot of growth options off the table. A whole lot of the world doesn't use the Roman alphabet.
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