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Wirelessly posted (White and Nerdy)

Originally Posted by BUC
Originally Posted by TBOLTRAM View Post
How about a PR/sales tactic to keep people from getting something else since they now have seen what they truly want.
Thats what I first thought, but apple never really care about popular demands, they design by their own feeling...

Anyway I think it does not look bad, it actually fixes the tappered back (I love my storm2 to sit still on a table and be able to click or swipe)

Front facing camera, nice but not a must for me yet

Flash... welcome to 2003...

Supposedly better display... thats always the way to go, along with more battery... (though the 'low-res' on my phone is no problem unless you compare it side by side to a higher res device, this never bothered me while watching movies or anything else, you still need to focus and get close to see an individual pixel)

Separate volume buttons (for camera physical button)... meh, we already have it

The "mic" on top looks like a good idea... but what I would love to see is one of the things that disappointed me the most when I first got my Storm2... the hole on top was no speaker, just the one on the bottom... Stereo speaker (even if the volume remained the same) would have been awesome, just for the sound rearrangement
Welcome to 2003 indeed... Its ashame this other awesome platform doesn't support flash. I think its called a black berry or something like that?
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