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Originally Posted by dualsub2006 View Post
Name calling is sure sign of a weak mind.
what name calling?

here let me help you out

xxx8194; xxx8194;/xxx712;xxx618;gnxxx601;rxxx601;nt/ Show Spelled[ig-ner-uhnt] Show IPA
lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
uninformed; unaware.
due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.
clearly you're ignorant of what i was saying. stating that jailbreaking is how to load an os onto the iphone. i just call it how i see it. i would break that post down way more but i was on wap and after reading your ignorance i have no urge to continue. nor do i care to make this into apple vs blackberry vs another thread. the fact is less it has an apple logo touchscreens dont sell.

most of them from htc, samsung, even nokia are clumsy they dont sell. nokia is losing market share, htc is the first android phone mfg, and yet has been doing touch screen winmobile for years yet they are not selling, android gave them a little profits, since they dont have to LOL LICENSE or buy the os! HELLO PROFITS!

htc has how many android phones? 5-6 ? still not even close to the market share apple has even with apple locked to att? and certain carriers....

touch screens are not that popular less they have an apple logo, its a fad like tamogachi.
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