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Originally Posted by pointerman1967 View Post
Convenience key only allows me to map "normal" sound mode. The "Q" key works, but the phone still vibrates when emails come in. I'd like all alerts shut off. Phone doesn't seem to allow me to edit what happens in the various sound configurations and I can't figure out how to map a key or button to a custom sound profile. Any ideas here?
Unless your blackberry works differently than every one I've ever used, then you most certainly CAN edit "what happens in the various sound configurations".

Exact sequence may vary by OS but should be similar IIRC. I am on and am using a Tour

Select Profile icon. Scroll to bottom of list for Edit Profiles. Select the profile you want to change. (Choices on mine are Normal, Loud, Medium, Vibrate Only, Silent, Phone Calls Only, All Alerts Off. ) Options exist for which ring tone you want, volume (includes silent as an option), LED, and Vibration.

Cannot Edit All Alerts Off but that sounds like what you are looking for. I haven't had reason to try this option but see if it doesn't do what you are looking for without having to edit the others. If you don't have this option, you may want to try updating OS.

(By the way. Thanks for forcing me to look at the menus to write this up. Just noticed option for "Set contact Alerts" which will allow me to set or remove the ring tones for individual contacts without having to go into individual contacts and edit.)
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