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Default REALLY need to learn to use the tools.

Open your call stack view. You are getting a DIFFERENT NPE - this time on cumG:

float cg= Float.parseFloat(cumG);
float tt= Float.parseFloat(totC);

Once again, you have declared cumG as a String, but failed to put anyting in it, so it is null. This is what NULL POINTER means. Bascially, you are trying to initialize the edit field with a null value.

And after you fix that one, you also have another null value in totC.

If you do this:

String foobar;

...foobar is null - it has no value. Trying to access it will create a null pointer exception.

You can do this:

String foobar;

foobar = "123";

..or this:

String foobar = "123";

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