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Originally Posted by rambo47 View Post
These "vanity PIN" people are like turds in a swimming pool. You can poke them back down to the bottom with a stick, but eventually they float back to the top, and completely ruin the view.
i feel the same way about the posers who want custom painted blackberrys, pearl owners, a blackberry without a data plan because they cant afford it, people who post their PINs on public forums, or blackberry users not on a BES. the last one being the silliest as they think it's a status symbol; wanting to look like they're important without actually being important... BIS users tied to a webmail account, thumbing thru spam and pretending it's important are like the bluetools who never remove their bt headsets and always pretend to be on a call while looking around to make sure others are looking at them.

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
Great. Hacked BlackBerrys.
You may want to stick to other forums.
why is everyone assuming these folks are trying to buy customized or "hacked" PINs? no one thought these people are looking for legit blackberrys that simply came off the assembly line with, in their opinion, a desirable PIN?
my av was not safe for preschoolers.
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