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Originally Posted by TheRinger View Post
Well i would think they would call back if it was that important.
Um, thought I should mention ... ever hear about what is said about the word "assume" ...

It turned out to be as I feared, they had a few moments to make a call, were rushed to leave a message and then were incomunicado till I managed to reach them later. Fortunately, though quite serious, not life-threatening. Sometimes people only have time to make a quick call and don't leave a message so as to not worry people. Esp. if they're not tech savvy, they don't realize that we have ways and means and the worry is worse when you don't know what's happening! So, I don't want this to ever happen again, as you can imagine!

Fortunately, unlike my first 3 experiences, last 2 calls to my cell phone provider truly yielded BB experts. I signed up here due to the idiots I got at first! <g> But this was so important I tried again. And I'm glad I did!

Although I haven't gotten _which_ setting is doing the job, the phone itself has the feature built in that is off BY DEFAULT. With some more tweaking I believe I'll have the behaviour working exactly as needed for both vibrate and my phone profile of choice. So far, it's working for when it's NOT on vibrate mode.

In the speaker, on the home screen, I clicked on this sequence:

ADVANCED > for each pertinent profile (i.e., for me mostly "Phone Only" > here's where he didn't know which so I changed them in _all_ - "LEVEL 1", "MESSAGES", "SMS TEXT" > for both OUT OF HOSTER and IN HOLSTER changed from "MUTE" to "TONE" in all.

Mute was the default!

Then underneath, for both in and out of holster, I selected the BB sound everyone is used to, "Notifier_Lightspeed", then set the volume to HIGH, and then the # of beeps to 3.

In other words, _wherever_ I set the MUTE to TONE, I chose the BB lightspeed, volume to high and beeps to 3.

What I haven't yet figured out is which of the options under ADVANCED actually is the one that handles voice mail, whether it's

- Level1
- Messages
- MSM Text

"Messages" seemed the most logical but when I had only that one, it didn't work. I tested by repeatedly calling myself from the land-line on hand and leaving a message <g>. But I'm leaving all of them as I've set them for now since it is working. But I'll narrow it down to which one is for voice mail one of these days.

Anyway, this works just perfectly so far. Walking by heavy traffic downtown last night I missed my brother's call but got the lightspeed notification 2 minutes later! This rocks! People won't mind my missing a call if they know that by leaving a message, I'll likely be calling them back within minutes.

The ringtones are set to high and I normalized my MP3s to a high volume without distortion, but music being what it is, traffic really blocks them quite effectively. The lightspeed notification, though, is audible even in traffic if it's set at high so that's good. And since they're beeps, I suspect the volume will be tolerable enough even in closed indoor quarters. If not, everyone is used to the BB sound so I'm hoping it will be okay even then.

I'm now going to go back to tweak the vibrate settings since I left those slightly different and they'll need adjusting. I get vibrate only for all when I need only incoming calls to be vibrate mode. The scheduler items and voice mail need two other and different settings.


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