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Originally Posted by cap2587 View Post
Thanks so much for your reply as it really explained alot. I made a silly mistake by not reading up more on how the syncing worked prior to performing a 2 way sync. I have a few more questions that hopefully you can answer. I should have definitely made sure the blackberry was set to win in a conflict with outlook as that had all the numbers in it. I know how to create the second contacts list in Outlook, however how do I tell the blackberry to sync it's contacts to this exact secondary contacts list and not into the main one?
In Blackberry Desktop Manager, From Main Menu, Select Syncronize
On Synchronize Tab, under Configure, select Synchronization
On Synchronization configuration tab, select Synchronization
On the Intellisync pop-up window, select the application you want to set up (in this case, Address Book <->Microsoft Outlook) , and click on Advanced. The Advanced Window will open. First option at the top is Folder Mapping. It will show which folder it is currently mapped to which is probably the default (something like TXLady\Contacts). Select Map Folder. The Map Folder pop up window will appear. On the left, all of your outlook folders are listed (if you have more than one). Select the Appropriate one, probably Personal Folder. Click the + to expand the folder list. Your alternate contact list should be listed here. Select it and click on Add to put it under selected folders. Be sure to also select your default contact list from selected folders and remove it. By the way, I didn't say above but be sure that your alternate contact list is not a sub-folder to the regular contact list. I believe DTM treats sub-folders as part of the main folder when it syncs and I don't think you want that.

How do you delete the contacts list in the blackberry. Is that just done in the blackberry.
To delete all contacts on Blackberry. (I had to look for this one)
From Main Menu, select Backup and Restore.
On Backup and Restore screen, select Advanced.
On Advanced screen, select Address Book - All. Then select the Clear Button.
Respond Yes on the Pop up window when asked if you are sure.

Let me get straight what your telling me to do.

Back up the blackberry contacts list through the desktop manager. Back up the Outlook contacts. Create alternate Outlook contacts folder. Perform a one way sync from blackberry to the alternate Outlook contacts list. Go through the old (default) Outlook contacts list and make sure it has all the new information in it and it includes all of the blackberry numbers, email addresses etc. BACKUP THE OUTLOOK CONTACTS LIST AGAIN ONCE YOU HAVE IT UPDATED. Delete all of the blackberry contacts information. The go ahead and perform a one way sync from Outlook to blackberry. Once I do this then I can set the syncing back to a two-way sync. Should I set the BB or Outlook to win in a conflict - does it depend on which device has the most recent changes.
Forgive minor edits and reiterations. Very important not to forget the second folder. And while you could use the alternate contacts folder to make the edits in, I think you are better off doing them in your default Outlook folder so that everything stays in one place and you don't forget what you did in the future. (Not that I've ever done that myself............) And always, always, make a backup.

Looking forward to hearing back with some helpful info. Appreciate the help. Craig
I guess the one thing I try to make myself an expert on with any device I use is syncing the Outlook contacts. I consider my contacts list one of the most important pieces of information kept on my computer or my BB. I've been using various phones that sync in some form with Outlook for several years and, trust me, have probably made more mistakes and had to recover more times than I want to remember. So I probably back up more than most people but it's been a long time since I had a catastropic failure in this department.
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