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Originally Posted by ArgonNJ View Post
Between the ipad and the up coming Android tablets, full blown home computers will be pretty much history in 5 years. I'm sure some power users here will disagree, but think about it. What do most people do with their home computers. Now think of all the hassles, especially with Windows computers, that come with PC and even Macs. Most people want an instant on, easy, very little learning curve device that does what they need it to do. Flame on, but you heard it here first. This is the future.
If these devices are sold with what their intent is for, they should do ok as a companion/media consumption device with basic computing. I don't think Apple or Android should try and fool people into thinking these are full blown computers or replacements for your main computer. They aren't even close to being that right now.

Most people don't realize how many different things they actually use a computer for until they buy a stripped down device that is missing a ton of things they didn't realize they actually use and need. The iPad is missing way too many things to be taken seriously as a replacement for any computer.
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