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Default Thoughts on the Evo from an 8330 user

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I've had my new Evo since Friday morning. So far my experience is about 75% positive. I'm glad I upgraded, but I'm praying there are either secret ways of doing things on this phone, or that apps are available to address my biggest frustrations.


FAR better browser. To the extent that I actually choose to browse on the Evo sometimes as opposed to my PC. I would never have done that on my Curve. I used the Curve's browser only in a pinch.

FAR better selection of apps. I didn't think I'd care about this at all, but then I started thumbing through the catalog. Not only are there more apps, but you can generally choose how your data is being delivered to you - app, widget, etc.

More personalization available for the phone. All kinds of eye candy going on. I'm a sucker for graphics, and am really enjoying the freedom.

So far, I can do most things faster/better once I've actually figured out how to do them.

No more Blackberry thumb.


Battery lasts about half as long. No matter what I enable/disable, this seems to be the case. I got about a day and a half per full charge on the 8330 (regular battery). I'm charging the phone during my evening commute now.

Can't do anything one-handed anymore. I think some men with larger hands could manage it, but I can't. That's a pain when you're a busy mom with multiple kiddos.

No personalized LED notifications - REALLY miss these in my cube farm. I can get any other type of notification I want, but no LED choices other than on and off.

Vibrate not as strong - I can't always feel it through my purse. My whole desk would shake when my 8330 went off.


Keyboard takes some getting used to.

Also, some really basic things are completely non-intuitive. For example: app switching. Took me forever and forum search to figure out that if you hold down the home key for several seconds, you can see your 6 most recently accessed apps. There have been several little things like this that drove me mad until I figured them out... not cons as much as passing annoyances.

Anyone else get an Evo recently?
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