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Originally Posted by Dubdub View Post
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Each of the devices you mention have their niche and their own following. If you want a business tool, then the BB is still number 1 in my opinion. If you want a toy, then one of the others would probably fit that role.
You know, when you use the word "tool" what image comes to mind? To me is a pocket knife... And what's the best pocket knife? The one that can be use for all purposes. Now I see your point that specialization to a niche is what fits better, I am a Rock Climber and my favorite pocket knife is one that has a big blade on one side, a carabiner on the other, and some extra tools like screwdriver........ To other person a big plie leatherman style would be more useful....... But the point is that if you can fit all those features into a single, pocket sized knife that works great all around, you stop selling to niche and start selling to everybody.

As for the toy comment, yes I want a toy, among my beloved business tool. I already said I love my Storm2 and I'm not switching any time soon. But as with sport cars, smartphones have become a "toy for boys" (and girls, just making the analogy work). So when many niche close minded want a device that send and receive emails, I want that and more, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.

Between the reasons I bought the storm, one of them was to be able to watch a movie or show on the go so I didn't have to take my old Archos player.
And while the BB is decent for this purpose, it bothers me that video is display in only 1 position (I'm guessing they turn off the accelerometer to save energy), also you have no "full screen" and having audio coming only from the right side in landscape is annoying.

I think you failed to see the point of my original post. I am not bashing BB, all I'm saying is that they need to step up the game without failing to deliver the messaging and email features they currently do. Because when apple or google catch up in the business area, RIM is gonna be regretful.

Remember that many electronic devices are converging more and more into a single device. This is been happening almost right after beginning of the cellphone.

So if the future is keep blending devices, why not make 1 that can be a business tool, a toy, a video player, a music player (I love BB for this already), a good camera, and so on......

Belive me I do not drink cool aid. I have never own any type of ipod because I now there have always been something better. But I must say that the BB is not the best device out there right now. Its king at what it does best, but for how long?

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