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Dubdub is right. Particularly for businesses that want control over what users can/can't do with their phones and the business information on them - which many companies need to do - Blackberry is king. I don't see that changing anytime soon, if ever. Neither the iPhone nor Android have made any sort of foray into enterprise solutions. If they did, they'd definitely be playing catch-up for a long time. That entire market is RIM's home turf, and it's theirs to lose.

That said, I recently traded my Curve (personal phone) for an Evo. The biggest reason for my switch is that I find myself needing to perform more and more web-based tasks, and since I spend more than 2 hours a day commuting (car pool or bus), I wanted a device that would be easier to use for online work than existing choices were - my portable Curve with its handicapped browser, or my too-heavy-for-a-pregnant-woman laptop. Now I can take care of all my online business easily and comfortably before I get home. I feel like it's saving me a boatload of time.

I don't think you're comparing apples to apples when you compare a Blackberry to an Evo or iPhone. Neither do I think anyone can rightfully say that X is better than Y. You can only say that X is better than Y for the things you do every day, and is therefore the better choice for you.

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