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Originally Posted by jsconyers View Post
In regards to the AT&T data plan changes, if it is successful, I see other carriers following suit. However, we'll see how consumers take too it. Saving 5 dollars a month to get 40% of the data you were getting before doesn't sound like a good deal to me. I am sure most of AT&T's users don't go over 2 GB. But, I would imagine this change also goes for air cards. In that case, I could easily see users going over the 2GB limit.

While AT&T saves you 5 dollars a month and cut the data by 60%, Sprint raised their rates by 10 dollars for the EVO and made it truly unlimited with no cap (for 4G).
The article below says over 98% of their users don't have to worry, which is consistent with what I've heard elsewhere. The people who go over account for a pretty big share of the data volume. I can't recall the number, but one analyst said those 1.? % of users were into double digit share of total volume. So it sounds prudent those users should be paying more. Otherwise AT&T will keep having to add network capacity which they'll just spread to everyone's bill.

All developers have to do is just change the update frequency on their apps to less often or at least build that option in, and most users could probably cut down usage significantly and be under the cap for years.

Will New AT&T Data Limits Hurt? :: App Advice
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