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Originally Posted by AFCEA View Post
Here's what's going on. The iPhone users are dogging the AT&T network period. So are other data users, as AT&T has made it mandatory for all data capable phones to be hooked up to a data plan. Just about every phone on the market is data capable, so add that to the already dogged network and what do you get? A royal mess!! Just wait until the iPhone 4 comes out it will be even worse. To supplement the network AT&T is asking you the customer to stop by your local Macs Big House of Beef or Starbucks and jump on there WiFi network. Thus putting the network drag on the WiFi carrier. Just wait until the WiFi carrier figures this out, another fee coming or no WiFi at all. It costs bucks out the wazu to put up cell towers and not everyone wants them in the there back yard. AT&T and T-Mobile buy air time off each other as well as Verizon and Sprint to keep the towers down to a roar. NEXTEL is a separate animal and was to be killed off this year. Also we are seeing a huge migration over to pre paid vs post paid accounts which limits the carriers cash flow and unwillingness to upgrade itís network capacity.
Wow. There is so much min-information here the mind boggles.
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