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Originally Posted by ArgonNJ View Post
I'd like to see RIM do that with any of their products.
RIM's userbase is a tad older to camp the night outside a store so to buy a handset the following morning. Apple's marketing has been extremely successful in building a culture behind the product and creating a religious following. Corporations should really take lesson from Apple's success.

The product itself looks rather nice. I can't type on the damn thing so it won't replace my main handset anytime soon. Some of the applications look rather appealing and since i had extremely good experiences with apple products and support in the past i'll probably pick one up as a weekend handset/toy.

Now that the iphone platform has matured even more, and the developer base are actively targeting the corporate space it would be interesting to watch if any major corps jump ship to apple. If it happens it would be the Palm/treo saga all over again.
I'm on a business account and the Voda rep said she can hook us up with some handsets to test and play with no strings attached. If that's an Apple sponsored marketing campaign - and i don't have information that it is- i expect it to be somewhat successful.

The product currently doesn't fit my usage, but i'll keep a close eye on it. I advise the rest of you to do the same (when you're done bashing the fanboys).
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