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Wirelessly posted

I haven't used google maps in years, since it was 1.X or 2.X, but generally speaking I'd blame the developer for the way an aftermarket app ran poorly or bogged down my device, and not the device.

To be fair I can see myself sitting on the side of the road using a map/nav app and having a call come in. I wouldn't want the device to bog down and me be unable to answer the call. But I have been using the device and had calls come in and I've never had that problem. I've been on the road with blackberry maps running, had a call come in, answered it, said, "I'll call you back", hung up, and blackberry maps didn't skip a beat and kept on tracking me. Not that I think UMA makes a difference, but I use it every day and I don't see a performance difference between wifi, EDGE and 3G except download speeds. App performance otherwise is the same.

In short, if you got a problem with Google Maps, blame Google Maps. But as said before, it boils down to what's important to you. If Google Maps or whatever is a priority for you and runs crappy on one device but satisfactory on another, then go for the other. It doesn't make one or the other good or bad, other than good or bad for you, but not for everybody.
- Ira

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