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Not coming from a Storm but other BB models such as the 7520, 7250, 8830, 8330, and now an HTC EVO. I do like the EVO as it's very snappy and quick. However, the battery life is nothing compared to the BlackBerry. I can manage to get a full day's use out of it, but it was never a concern with the BlackBerry.

Any Google App integrates well with the Android OS. So if you have Gmail, that will work great. If you have Yahoo, or anything else, forget about it. I have a Yahoo account and there is no push. It pulls every 15 minutes. You can also set the increments to (I believe) 30 mins, 1 hour, 4 hours, 12 hours, 1 day.

Also, notifications are lacking BIG TIME in android. For example, no Facebook notifications when someone writes on your wall or if someone comments on a post you commented on. I have found a 3rd party app call Bloo that helps with that issue but it doesn't resolve it. When you get the notification, it launches the mobile Facebook site, not the Facebook app.

The browser on the EVO is amazing. Speedy and has Flash Lite, Full Flash support is in 2.2 as you probably already know.

I know the Droid X is big like the EVO, it's actually bigger than the EVO. However, it's Motorola and I am not a big fan of their products. Haven't had the best experiences with them. I have had the EVO for going on 2 weeks now and I do like it. It is different than a BB, and there are things I miss about my BB as I have said above, but with the many apps to choose from, you can find "work arounds".

One more thing I miss about BB is exceptions for contacts. Nothing like that on the Android OS other than ringtones. No special SMS notifications or email notifications for specific contacts. Again, I have found a few third party workarounds, but I am filling up my device with "workarounds".

Try one out and see if it works for you. If not, take it back and get the Storm 2.
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