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Originally Posted by ArgonNJ View Post
What are you BB fanboys afraid of.
You're missing the point. Nothing to do with anyone being scared of anything.
Think of it this way...
If you walk into a Roman Catholic church and start preaching to the people that christianity isn't the best and only religion and there might be better options out there which they don't know about... you're probably not going to get a very welcoming response.
You think you're doing a service, and educating others, when in reality you're just being annoying. Nobody cares what you think and nobody is looking for you to change their minds about what they want or like.

Most people who come here don't give a crap about anything other than BlackBerry and they're fine with it. That's what forums like this are about. They don't care if their device is the best, worst, or whatever. It's what they choose to have. They're mostly happy about what they have and want to talk about it with others.
People like you just get in their way, for no reason at all. You're a nuisance, nothing more.

I also have an iPhone. I enjoy it very much. I also own three Macbooks, several iPods and an AppleTV. I enjoy them as well. I discuss them on Apple's forums quite frequently. (Link above, in case you missed it.)
What I don't do is try to force people to adopt what I like, or go on other forums touting how great Apple is and bash the shortcomings of their competitors. It just makes you look ignorant.
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