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Wirelessly posted

Originally Posted by SteveO86
Originally Posted by wabbit View Post
Wirelessly posted

Hp support will deal with any issue that is caused with there pre installed system.

The same thing goes for microsoft will not offer support for the os that came on your new hp since its oem.

By your logic if the radio in my car breaks I need to bring it to the radio manufacturer. not the dealer.
Why does every metaphor always have to revert back to cars
(This isn't a car, a car is a bit more expensive then a phone therefore comes with more in terms of everything)

The dealership and the contract specifically say the car and everything is warrantied for x amount of miles, does the BlackBerry contract warranty their equipment for x of Megabytes?
Anything the mfg puts on a device from the factory assemble or what where ever else the mfg supports the crapware they put on.

Might not be the most skilled support but they do infact support it. As for your example yes hp supports norton.

This is the one thing that most people in tech support hate yet they have to. Else don't package crap you will not support. As an end user. If it came with I baught it from you you will support it. Bottom line.
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