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Originally Posted by Jadey View Post
Even if I go with your argument re: RIM, how are Verizon responsible? OP wasn't happy with their support either!

DocsToGo is DataViz. If you have a hardcore problem that RIM and VZ can't fix, go to DataViz.

Seems logical to me.

this is logical to people who are computer lit, take someone who is not. has no clue, get a blackberry. they will complain to the carrier since that is who handles support, then it gets handed off to rim when the carrier can not fix it.

considering they purchased the product with that in it. i do not see why they would have to track down who made what and call there support line.

this is the big problem with mfg getting paid to put crapware on a device. they get paid to put that on the device, or pc, or w/e they can then support the crap they got paid to put on the device or pc.

if the user put something that did not come on the blackberry or a pc, i agree call that product support.
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