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Originally Posted by Enflick View Post
Welcome to 2010, mobile viruses :/
It's not really a mobile virus.. It would be the exact same thing if the virus was on a USB Thumb Drive or CD/DVD.

Originally Posted by happyt8r View Post
Wife is having the exact same problem. She told me about it literally an hour ago. I googled around and happened on this forum thread. I would agree with the other posters about it being an issue with a virus on the PC except we run Ubuntu Linux on all of our PCs. I am not saying Linux is infallible and it very well may still be a virus on the PC(I do not want this to become a OS vs. OS flame war and be labeled a troll), but the chances of it are slim to none compared to more well known and more prolific operating systems so it is bringing my worry back to the blackberry simply for that reason. I am going to research this a little more and I will post back if I find anything else.

Oh and hello nice to meet you guys!
Welcome to the forums!! Still stand on previous, we got no record of a BB virus that has been seen yet, but if one does arise I will stand corrected.
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