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Originally Posted by BUC View Post
you just proved my point. Let me start saying that I am no assuming I am the entire market. What I was trying to say was that I take myself as example but I'm also keeping in mind the people I see at the ofice, at the gym, in the streets and friends.

I am no comparing anything. That's the reason my thread was moved from BB Vs to Rants. I am only stating that RIM needs a high end device to compete with the phone you just bough. If there was a satisfying web experience or enough apps or high end hardware on one of BBs model then there would be more people buying bbs instead of a choice between androids phones.

For the millions of people who use email only, great so be it. But in my office there are many people walking around with 2 phones! Mostly a BB on BES and the other an iphone. I'm not saying I agree with them I think I made that very clear. What I lm saying is that there should be a blackberry that fit those people and offer both BB features AND high end features such as the EVO.

Why is that so hard to understand.
This sums it up the best and I for one understand. I love my 9700 but look longingly at the HTC EVO, iPhone (yes, iPhone) 3GS/4; etc. I am looking forward to the 9800 - hopefully it will be the all in one device - I want to have my cake and eat it too - business and "toy".

Truth be told - I have a 9700 (and prior blackberrys) because my company supplies me with one - I'm not sure what device I would have if they offered others.

Of course the other side of the argument is that due to RIM's compression they are much less of a network hog and will do very well in emerging markets - I'm sure they will always continue to offer email/messenger centric devices - I'm just looking to having more choices in the "top end" of their model range.


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