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I get what you're saying by your post...

I love my blackberry storm.
I got my first blackberry when they released the pearl on tmobile.. and I got a TMobile account just to get it so I could unlock it to have it on at&t.

I've had three blackberry pearls
two curves
pearl flip unlocked
and I'm using a storm 9530 unlocked on at&t

I just wish I had more memory on my phone because I'm sick of my phone lagging or freezing up to the point where I have to do a battery pull! On top of that, I'm sick of not having 3G. I'm using EDGE because of my storm being unlocked. I want a touch screen phone though. I love my blackberry. But I can load one page and then have to wait 10 minutes to load the next page because it switches from EDGE to edge.

But I was playing with my dad's Motorola Droid and I love how fast the phone loads apps or pages. The browser is just flat out nice. I only have the necessary apps on my phone that I use. I'm below 5mb and I only have maybe 5 or 6 apps on there that I need. I also have a 2GB memory card for my pictures & music. So I know that doesn't steal the memory.

But RIM does need to step up. I want to stay with RIM but I want the same features as an android. I don't need an iphone 4.. I have an ipod touch... because of farmville. But my dad's phone is so nice to play with and my storm, needs something new to it. I think RIM should concentrate on their business users in majority, but also think of other customers too. I'm a college student. The storm is easy to use.

But the OS needs to be better, there needs to be more touch screen phones as well as originals. A mix of both for every service provider.

edit*// my dad owns his own company. not a small one. he uses the motorola droid. I told him to get the storm or even a blackberry, but the android works better for him with business. so he says.

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