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I don't get it.

How does BB lag behind others? Someone give me an example. Please don't say browser if that's all you can come up with. And I find it funny people keeping saying its the same thing over and over.

This is the 4th gen iPhone. It's really still the same device released in 2007. What's different. Please don't say it has a front facing camera. Really?

And Android? Really...what's different from the first Android device, the G1 vs the EVO? in fact, difference between any Android device. Sense UI, MotoBLUR, touchwiz? Really?!? Hardware...that's it really, processor, memory, camera? Am I missing something? Isn't that a given? Doesn't technology advance every year (or heck, every few months)? They get faster processors, more memory, high res camera, it's a given! Someone is always going to out do someone else.

And please....Android updates, from 1.5->1.6->2.1 etc etc and Apple OS updates are just as excited as well....the BB updating from 4.2->4.3->4.6->5.0! They are proven platforms. It's a no shit, you won't see anything change drastically. Maybe looking 10 years from now and looking back, than yea you'll notice. It's just like windows operating system, it ain't that different. Just a skin. But if you want to look at windows 3.1 or something vs Windows 7, that's about what....20 year difference?

I'd sometimes wish RIM would just make a full touch screen device, with a dual core 2.0ghz processor, 2GB of RAM, 12MP camera, and slap a BB sticker on it just so people could shut up. Just sounds like penis envy or something.

I just really hope phones don't start becoming like computers. Obsolete after 6 months. Heck, contracts are 2 years. If your going to switch your phone out every 6 months, are you actually even using your phone or just playing with it?!?
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