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Originally Posted by ckurt25 View Post
I originally posted a similar question under the device specific area but didn't get any helpful responses.

At home, I'm a Mac user. Macbook (snow leopard), iPad, iPhone 3Gs. At work, which is a new job, I have a Win 7 laptop, Outlook (Exchange) and have been issued a BB. I have MobileMe and my iCal calendar "published" and have added it to my Outlook and I can see the home calendar basically overlayed on top of my work calendar. I have my work calendar also published and added it to my iPhone, iPad and iCal. All of those work great. I can see calendars perfect. They're actually color coded in Outlook and the Apple devices so I can tell which one is home, which one is work.

My BB is another story. I can't subscribe to a calendar on the BB and I've tried using Yahoo and Gmail accounts to pick up the home calendar and pass it off to the BB (its a 9550 btw) but that hasn't worked either.

My question is this.... If I used Desktop Manager to subscribe (?) to the my iCal / MobileMe will I be able to view (only need to view my home calendar on my BB, no need to sync) it on the BB? I haven't tried it yet because I haven't been able to track down a USB cable to connect the BB to the laptop. My job won't require me to be a slave to the BB but it'd be nice if someone wants to schedule something for work and not have to pull out my iPhone before accepting a meeting request.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Well if your work calender is published to your Blackberry ... and the iPhone, iPad and MacBook using MobileMe can sync all ... then on the MB iCal should be able to see all.

You'll need to setup Desktop Manager to enable 2-way sync'ing.

NOTE: if your BES IT Policy restricts desktop manager from synch'ing - even in the PC world then you're out of luck on the Mac .. on the work PC it'll sync when you're connected to the LAN directly/via VPN, you should be able to sync that way. A pain but should be a doable work-around.
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