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Originally Posted by jsconyers View Post
I agree with the terrible Nextel acquisition. Also, Sprint's customer service is probably the worst of any carrier. That tends to drive a lot of users away.
Of the top 4 US carriers, Sprint is #3 in customer satisfaction, beating only AT&T. It could be that Sprint's commision struture changed to incorporate customer satisfaction into the amount they see on their pay check.

Originally Posted by daphne View Post
How would you explain, given Sprint automatically roams on Verizon, that when my daughther is in the same room with me on her Sprint BlackBerry, she drops calls has 0-1 bar frequently and my VZW BlackBerry has 1XEV with 4-5 bars and I never drop calls here?
It could be that your daughters phone is set to "home only" on roaming instead of "automatic." Sprint does roam on Verizon, for free. On Sprint, having 1 bar or 5 bars gives the exact same result on calls. Only with data will you see a difference. If her phone drops calls, take it to Sprint and have them run a PoST test to test RF signal. The phone is probably defective. I've never had a single dropped call with Sprint in 5 1/2 years, and thats because I've only had a blackberry for 1 of those years. Explanation good enough for you daphne?

Also, a buddy of mine works for T-Mobile. He has 5 bars on his 9700 Bold no matter where he goes and his web speeds aren't nearly what my are. Leads me to believe that the # of bars on the screen is a false indication of signal strenght somewhere. Look at at&t... their motto is "More bars in more places" yet they have the highest volume of dropped calls of the top 3 carriers.

Sprint has the best overall value. I chose them becaue their prices are reasonable and the service is exceptional in my area. Plus, they've already have a rapidly expanding 4G network... a full 7 months before any other carrier even launches one. AND, I'm on the EVO waiting list (arguably the best phone on any carrier to date).
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