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Default Blackberry not getting all email on imap accounts

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I'm a new blackberry user and I also run a mail server for a number of small business clients.

We brought over a company to use our email hosting service, and are having a problem that I see comes up every so often on some boards with a variety of fixes but need some general rules and understanding of the problem as it remains unfixed for us.

A number of email accounts from this particular company check email on Outlook and leave a copy of the messages on the server.

They are also setup to check those accounts from their blackberries. Problem is they are not getting all the mail on the blackberry, just about 80% of them with no rhyme or reason as to the ones that don't make it through.

Now, I've got my new blackberry hooked up to a new account on the same mail server and I'm getting everything.

What is of note about these accounts and is mentioned in odd posts over the 'net, is that because they were hosted and configured on their blackberries to receive their old mail from their old hosters, sometimes editing their settings and pointing to the new mail server with new usernames and password produces unexpected or inconsistent results.

I've been told to pull the battery, wait 30 seconds, etc.. I understand there are things you can do with Service Books, that I don't understand, and probably a few other software resets. Some of these fixes have seemed to make the problem go away for 6 - 12 hours at a time, but then it pops up again. The account holders do not want to delete the accounts from their blackberries and put them on again as they will lose all the email held on their blackberries since before the switchover.

I do know as well from looking at the server logs that the blackberry bis server is hitting our mail server for each account every 10-15 minutes or so, and should be picking up the new mail since they last polled.

Any advice or background as to what is actually happening behind the scenes would be appreciated.

Thank you

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