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Default The Definitive Hybrid OS thread

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Can a mod please sticky this? I plan on making this into a larger thread with more detailed instructions and screenshots; what is below now is *just* a preliminary writeup that i threw together. As more people ask questions and provide feedback, i plan on revising this.


So, you want a hybrid OS for your blackberry? Cool.

1) Why are there hybrids?
a. Hybrids happen because RIM often does some things better in certain OS builds than with other builds. For example, build 100 will have a faster web browser, but build 234 will be better for overall memory. The variations in specific OS components are why the community has created hybrids.
2) What is a hybrid?
a. A hybrid is just that; a mix and match of various OS files. Usually the best parts of all the different OS builds from the current generation are combined together into a SUPER build. To keep running with the above example: A hybrid would combine the faster browser’s files of build 100 with the better memory management files of build 324 while leaving out the crappy memory files and the slower browser from the respective builds.

3) Why should I load a hybrid?
a. Because you get the crème of the crop. The best features of each of the latest OS packages are combined into *one* elite Operating System just for your device! What’s not to love?
4) What are the risks?
a. Yes, there are a few risks. Keep in mind that the software you are about to load is not officially built and tested by RIM. Because of this, its stability and the like cannot be guaranteed. The hybrid maker usually does a good job of testing all their software, but the many benefits of hybrid OS’s are not backed by any guarantee. You load a hybrid at your own risk.
5) Builds? Platform Versions? App Versions?
a. Platform pertains to the radio file in use, and OS pertains to the core files being used.

6) <MOAR?>

a. What is the pre requisite base OS for my hybrid?
b. Is there any other software I need?

Figure 1 - The necessary software

1) This step is optional, but highly recommended. Clean all OS packages off your system. Start with add/remove programs in the control panel and finish up with CCleaner. Restart your computer and make sure you close out of BB desktop manager if you have it set to start up automatically. To make sure BBDM is closed, use task manager.

2) Now that all other OS packages are off your computer, install the pre requisite base. For this guide, I am going to be using version for the 8900 – as seen in figure 1.

3) This step is optional, but highly recommended. After the base is installed, make a copy of the OS files. This will serve as a backup just in case something goes wrong. IF you make this backup, you will not need to resort to reinstalling the OS package installer. I perform this step because it take just seconds to make the backup and saves minuets if I need to restore the original OS package.

- For most users, their OS package will be installed to 1 of two places, depending on operating system type:

- C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files
- C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files
I highly recommend that you make a copy of the folder here

4) Extract the hybrid. Usually, the hybrid maker will have an auto extract utility that overwrites the files from your base with the hybrid files. If this is not the case, you may want to create a folder and manually extract the files and then copy them over to the base directory.

5) Once the hybrid files have overwritten the base files, you will want to customize the OS. The best tool to do this is Shrink-A-OS. You can google for “Shrink-A-OS.exe” if your hybrid packager did not include it.

- I always use Shrink-A-OS to remove the languages, themes, and other features that I do not use.
- Note: many hybrid makers will also package additional software (such as google search app or ubertwitter)
- Although this guide is outdated, it is still helpful for trimming extra fat:

6) Some hybrid packagers will automatically delete vender.xml, but some will not. Double check that it has been deleted.
7) Launch loader.exe and proceed as normal.
--- Siggie ---
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